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05/24/2022 - Technical Bulletin - DW Cloud and Microsoft Email Verification                                                                        

Technical Bulletin

To:  DW® Customers

Date:  May 24, 2022

Re:  DW Cloud and Microsoft Email Verification Issue

DW Cloud and Microsoft Email Verification

Affected Model Numbers:  DW Spectrum® IPVMS

Affected Software Version:  DW Cloud™ reliant systems

Dear Digital Watchdog Partner,

This technical bulletin is being provided to address a recent issue that has come to light where DW Cloud Email Verifications are not being received by Microsoft-reliant email services (Outlook, Office365, Hotmail), including business emails that are hosted by Microsoft services.

This is specifically regarding the verification emails of DW Cloud account additions.  Previously active and ongoing DW Cloud accounts do not seem to be affected. DW Cloud access, connection, and email communication (including alert emails through DW Cloud) appear to still be functioning normally.

Cause of the Issue

Our developer has confirmed that DW Cloud servers are sending emails out for verification, however some Microsoft services appear to be preventing them from reaching receiving customers

This issue is occurring primarily between services that use AWS servers and Microsoft, but not DW Cloud specifically.  Use of other email services (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) appear to be unaffected and remain functional.

Recommended Solution

Currently, there is no software solution or ETA available from the developer.  The working solution until AWS and Microsoft can resolve the issue is to use a different email server (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) for new DW Cloud accounts.

For More Information or Technical Support

DW Technical Support:

Toll-free:  866.446.3595


866.446.3595              [email protected]

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