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IronYun Vaidio Integration with DW Spectrum

IronYun Vaidio Integration with DW Spectrum


Affected Roles:  Administrator, Owner

Related Digital Watchdog VMS Apps:  DW Spectrum IPVMS

Complexity:  Medium

Software Version:  DW Spectrum v4.2 or newer

Last Edit:  January 25, 2022


Vaido Plugin Integration

The Vaidio AI Vision Platform looks to camera analytics and automation for security solutions. To combine the event recognition technology of DW Spectrum with the video analytics of the Vaidio software, an additional software plugin must be applied to the DW Spectrum IPVMS Server.

This article will outline how to apply the external camera plugin needed to integrate the Vaido camera analytic platform with a DW Spectrum System.

Supported/Affected Devices:

  • DW Blackjack Server Series

Adding the Vaidio Plugin with Windows 10

To add the Vaidio plugin files:

  1. Using a web browser to download the Vaidio Plugin:

  1. Use a compression application to unzip the “vaidio_analytics_plugin” folder.

Extract the “vaidio_analytics_plugin” folder to the server computer.

  1. Copy and move the contents of the “vaidio_analytics_plugin” to the file directory:

C:\Program Files\Digital Watchdog\DW Spectrum\MediaServer\plugins\

  1. After copying the plugin files, restart the DW Spectrum Media Server.
    1. To stop the Media Server, right-click on the Media Server (DW) icon located in the Service Tray.

Select “Stop Server (started)” to stop the Media Server process.

    1. Next, to start the Media Server again, right-click on the MediaServer icon located in the Service Tray.

Select “Start Server (stopped)” to restart the Media Server process.

Enabling Vaidio Plugin in DW Spectrum

Adjusting Server Settings

After adding the Vaidio Plugin to the server, the feature must be manually enabled in DW Spectrum IPVMS.

  1. Launch the DW Spectrum Client and log in to the DW Spectrum System.
    • Default DW Spectrum ID: admin
    • Default DW Spectrum Password: admin1234!

  1. After logging in, click on the Main Menu ( ) and select “System Administration”.

  1. The System Administration window will display.

Select the “Plugins” tab and select the “Vaidio” plugin.

For VMS settings, configure the following:

  • VMS Ip – enter the IP address of the DW Spectrum Server (localhost
  • VMS Port – enter the port of the DW Spectrum Server (default 7001)
  • VMS Username – enter the DW Spectrum User ID (default admin)
  • VMS Password – enter the DW Spectrum Password (default admin)

For Vaidio settings, configure the following:

  • Vaidio Ip – enter the IP address of the Vaidio server
  • Vaidio Port – enter the port of the Vaidio server
  • Vaidio Username – enter the Vaidio server User ID
  • Vaidio Password – enter the Vaidio server Password

  1. After configuring the plugin settings for the DW Spectrum Server, click the “Apply” button to save the settings.

Click the “OK” button to close the System Administration window.

Adjusting Camera Settings

To activate the Vaidio plugin for a camera:

  1. Right-click on the target camera in the DW Spectrum Resource Tree and select “Camera Settings”.

  1. The Camera Settings window will display.

Select the “Plugins” tab and enable the “Vaidio external camera plugin”. The toggle will show GREEN while the plugin is activated in the camera.

Configure the following settings in association with the affiliated Vaidio server that will is being integrated with DW Spectrum.

  • Camera stream – select between the Primary (high quality) and Secondary (low quality) video streams for Vaidio analysis
  • Mapping ID – set the camera ID property in relation to the camera that will be mapped to Vaidio
  • Auto reconnect to vaidio… – enable this setting to have the DW Spectrum System attempt to automatically reconnect with the Vaidio server in the event of network disconnection

Click the “Apply” button to save the settings. Click the “OK” button to close the Camera Settings window.

  1. Once the plugin has been applied in both the System Administration settings and Camera Settings for the DW Spectrum Server, notifications will be sent to create an external camera in the Vaidio system.

Configuring Vaidio Settings

To configure an external camera in Vaidio for DW Spectrum integration:

  1. In the Vaidio software, add a camera and configure the following mandatory settings:
  • Camera Name – enter a label to identify the camera in Vaidio
  • Activate – set to “Activate
  • Type – set as “External
  • Mapping ID – set to match the Mapping ID that was used when setting up the DW Spectrum Camera Settings.

Click the “Preview” button to test the connection between the Vaidio program and the camera.

  1. If the connection is successful, a camera snapshot will display in the Vaidio UI.

Additionally, a notification will display in the DW Spectrum Client to notify that the plugin is working.

Using the Vaidio Plugin in DW Spectrum

Searching for Object Properties

After successfully adding the Vaidio Plugin and connecting the Vaidio server with the DW Spectrum System, DW Spectrum video archives can be replayed while searching for object recognition. To use this feature:

  1. In the DW Spectrum Client, locate the “Objects” tab in the Notifications panel.

If the selected camera in DW Spectrum has an activated license and is enabled to record video to the DW Spectrum Server, you may search video archives with the object analytics of the Vaidio plugin.

Enter the object type and properties to search video archives.

Support properties include:

  • Vehicle color, make, model
  • License plate details/text (if engine supported)
  • Estimated age of a person (if engine supported)
  • Presumed Sex of a person (if engine supported)

Creating Event Rules for Vaidio

Through the DW Spectrum Client, the User can create an Event Rule that will program the DW Spectrum System to send a notification when the Vaidio plugin detects a specific object property.

To create an Event Rule for Vaidio object notifications:

  1. In the DW Spectrum Client, right-click on the camera that will be watching for the object detection and select “Camera Rules”.

  1.  The Event Rules menu will display.

Click the “Add” button to create a new Event Rule.

Configure the following for the Event section:

  • When – set this to “Analytics Event
  • Event Type – set this to “Object detection
  • Caption contains – set this to “object type
  • Description contains – set this to “object property

Configure the following for the Action section:

  • Do – set this as “Show desktop notification
  • Interval of action – [optional] set how frequently this Event Rule will be allowed to trigger/react; disabling this setting will allow it to activate at any time
  • To – [optional] select who this Event Rule will notify when activated; by default, all Administrator role users will see the notification
  • Force Acknowledgement – [optional] enable this setting to require the recipient of the notification to acknowledge that the notification has been received