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RBH Axiom V Integration with DW Spectrum

RBH Axiom V Integration with DW Spectrum®


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Last Edit:  October 7, 2021


RBH Axiom V and DW Spectrum® IPVMS

The Axiom V software produced by RBH Access can be integrated with DW Spectrum systems to easily access and oversee the monitoring and management of RBH access control devices.

This article will outline how to install the DW Spectrum integration file for the Axiom V software.

Integration Setup


  1. After purchasing from your RBH representative, you will receive an email with a reference number.

After receiving the confirmation email, launch the software registration wizard and create new registration files.

Send the new registration files and your reference number to “[email protected]”.  The licensing team will reply with an email containing an activation file that will allow the DW Spectrum integration to run.

  1. Extract and save the integration file from the email to your terminal.

Next, right-click on the DW Spectrum integration file and select “Run as Administrator” to install the software.

  1. After installing the software, select “DVR” and enter the IP address and Port number (default – 7001) information of your DW Spectrum system into the software.

You can add up to five (5) different DW Spectrum systems, with any number of cameras, for each RBH-XXX-CCTV-036 license.

  1. Open the Access Control Device Monitoring menu and make the appropriate camera associations in the DVR tab.

In the Alarm tab, select if you would like the camera to pop-up when an event alarm occurs.

  1. Ensure that the RBH operator password is also programmed into the DW Spectrum software.


Once the association have been set up, you may right-click on any event or device that appears in the software to prompt live or previously recorded video.

Cameras can be placed/positioned on a map for quick views if mapping is enabled for your configuration.

Automatic pop-up video can be utilized in connection with saved picture pop-ups for 3rd-party access verification.

In “History Reports”, DVR reports are provided and can be selected to playback video from events that no longer appear onscreen.

For a PDF of these instruction from RBH Access, Click Here.

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