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Sicunet DW Spectrum Integration

Sicunet DW Spectrum® IPVMS Integration


Affected Roles:  Administrator, Owner

Related Digital Watchdog VMS Apps:  DW Spectrum® IPVMS

Complexity:  Medium to High

Software Version:  DW Spectrum® IPVMS v4.2 or newer, Neptune v.03d or newer

Last Edit:  May 6, 2021


Sicunet Video Tagging

Digital Watchdog and Sicunet have partnered to provide to our customers with creating a hybrid solution for their access control problems.  By integrating DW Spectrum® IPVMS to Sicunet’s Neptune Access Control software, Sicunet customers can view and search for camera video using event tags, all from the convenience of Sicunet viewing applications.

**NOTE:  If you require assistance with the Neptune Access Control software or with another Sicunet product, please contact your Sicunet representative.

DW Spectrum® Integration

By integrating the Neptune Access Control software with the DW Spectrum® software’s technology, Sicunet users are provided with options for live view and event lookup with pre-event buffering, reducing the forensic search time that would be required otherwise.

Some of the features of integrating the DW Spectrum® event engine include:

  1. Event Tags – (available for UI and Mobile) event icons can be used to hyperlink customers to stored video for viewing and analysis
  2. Live Camera Pop-up – the Sicunet System can be configured to automatically display live video and store an image when an event is triggered by the Neptune Access Control system
  3. Live Camera Viewing – (available for UI and mobile) Neptune users may select a camera and view a live video feed as needed
  4. Live NVR Viewing – from a second monitor, users can view live video directly from an NVR with a 1, 4, 8, or 16 camera channel matrix view

Tagging Video Events

Up to 64 camera channels can be integrated to the Sicunet platform (at no charge).  Once these cameras are connected to the system, event triggers may be applied through the Sicunet User Interface (UI).

To assign an Event Trigger to a camera:

  1. From the Sicunet User Interface, select the Settings tab.

Under the System Setting section, click on NVR Setting.

The NVR Setting menu will display.

  1. The NVR Setting menu will display. 

Select the NVR from the list of registered servers.

This will summarize NVR information such as the device’s Name, IP Address, maximum number of supported channels, etc.

  1. Once you have determined the target NVR, assign an event to one of its cameras.

Click on the Settings tab, then select NVR Channel.

  1. The NVR Channel menu will display.  All connected camera channels (up to 64-CH supported) will display.

Select the target NVR Channel from the NVR Channel list to display basic information about the selected camera.

Click the Edit button and select the Events that will be associated with the camera. When a selected event is triggered, the event can be selected from the Event Log located in the Dashboard.

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  • 06-May-2021