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How to use Bosch Intelligent Video Analytics in DW Spectrum

Integrate Bosch IVA solution into DW Spectrum 

Installation Instructions

You don't install anything; the installation is within the UI of the Bosch cameras that contain Intelligent Video Analytics

How to Use

You can select any Intelligent Video Analysis Event within Bosch to create an action within the DW Spectrum VMS.

Alarm Task Editor


Tampering1:={Command(“api/createEvent?Source=Bosch&caption=Crossing line 1 & IP (IP (““bosch1234)};

                if(VCARule (1,1)) then tampering1;

When the event occurs you can create an alarm within DW Spectrum as a Generic Event with different sources, captions, and descriptions, to one or more 'Actions'.

DW Spectrum - Event Rules 

  • Match Source and Caption exactly in Generic Event 

  • Create UserName (Service) & Password(“bosch1234)

  • Select desired Action(s) 


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  • 02-Apr-2019