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10/05/2020 - New Product Announcement - DW Delivers Accurate Prescreening Solution                                                               New Product Announcement

Date:  October 5, 2020

DW-ESTS Dual thermal and visible
cameras with Blackbody

DW® Delivers Accurate Prescreening Solution

The new Elevated Skin Temperature (E.S.T.) System scans people for elevated skin temperatures and filters them for additional screening.

Digital Watchdog® (DW®), the industry leader in digital recorders, surveillance cameras and related management software, announces the launch of our new E.S.T. System (Elevated Skin Temperature). DW’S E.S.T System (DW-ESTS) provides a quick, contactless solution for initial screening of people on the go. Every industry and institution may benefit from implementing a skin temperature screening system.

Following the U.S. FDA’s COVID-19 Enforcement Policy criteria released in April 2020, the DW E.S.T. is an NDAA/TSA and FDA compliant security-grade thermal camera that provides a low-impact, contact-less alternative to traditional screening methods. At a distance of 6.5 ~16.4ft, with (±0.36°F (±0.2°C) accuracy tolerance, the E.S.T. scanning solution provides a high degree of flexibility to meet the individual requirements of a wide variety of installations. Instead of manually taking the temperature of every person entering a building, E.S.T. identifies people with elevated skin temperature so you can easily separate them for additional screening.

The system includes an E.S.T. Blackbody temperature sensor, a skin temperature scanner camera, and a 2.1MP/1080p HD visible camera, making it easy for users to quickly detect and identify any person that may require additional screening.

Product Features:

  • A flexible, single product, integrated solution
  • Enables high-throughput prescreening of people to detect indications of elevated skin temperature
  • Detailed scanner images showing a temperature for each person
  • NDAA/TSA compliant
  • At an effective distance of 6.5 ~16.4ft, provides a high degree of flexibility to meet the individual situational awareness requirements of a wide variety of installations.
  • Dual Image Sensor with thermal detect
  • Data processing on the software side
  • High accuracy smart auto-calibration with Blackbody sensor
  • Smart auto-calibration between the software and Blackbody
  • Includes prescreening management software with an easy user interface.
  • Easy to setup
  • Large sensor (384x288), 4x more data
  • Alarm outputs for access control integration
  • Privacy masks mode
  • Multiple view options, including split view, PIP, and single view modes
  • Temperature view color scheme adjustment
  • FDA compliant
  • Tripods included for an out-of-the-box solution (DW-ESTS)

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