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myDW: System Report

myDW®:  System Report


Affected Roles:  Administrator, Owner

Related Digital Watchdog VMS Apps:  DW Spectrum® IPVMS

Complexity:  Low to Medium

Software Version:  DW Spectrum® IPVMS v4.0 or higher

Last Edit:  December 18, 2020


myDW® System Reporting

myDW® can be configured to send regular reports regarding the health and operation of your registered Digital Watchdog systems. By setting these parameters, users can filter the information that they receive and the frequency of the reports.

This article will outline the System & Health menus of the myDW® Cloud Management platform.

Note:  The myDW® platform is still currently in beta.

Supported/Affected Devices:

  • DW Spectrum® IPVMS Servers
  • DW Blackjack® Servers
  • VMAX® IP Plus Series
  • VMAX® A1 Plus Series

System Report

In the System Report section, myDW® can be configured to generate regular System Reports on either a monthly, weekly, or daily reporting cycle.  This report includes information on the system health status, disk status, and a count of abnormal events (linked to the System Event Log)

To configure the report information:

  1. In the Navigation Panel, click on Reporting, then select System Report.

  1. The System Report Setting window will display.

From this screen, configure the following:

  • Time of Day to Send Email – set a specific time for the report to be sent to the Recipient email address.
  • Reporting Cycle – select to have the System Report sent on a Monthly, Weekly, or Daily basis.
  • Date of Reporting – specify a day of the week (Weekly) or a date of every month (Monthly) to have the System Report sent.  If you selected Daily as the Reporting Cycle, this option will not display.
  • Recipient – enter the email address of the recipient that will be receiving the System Report. 
    • To add an additional recipient, click on the orange Plus (+) symbol and enter the additional email address.
    • Use the ON/OFF toggle to enable or disable registered recipients.
  • Do Not Report When No Errors Are Detected – use this toggle to determine if you would like for the System Report to be sent, regardless of system Status.  Set to ON to only receive the report when there are issues with the registered systems.
  • Show This Settings When Start menu – use this toggle to determine if you would like for the System Report Setting window to display every time you access the System Report section of myDW®.

Viewing the System Report

The System Report periodically generated by myDW®, depending on the specified Reporting Cycle, are assigned one of three status levels:

  • Good – the system is in excellent condition and is experiencing stable connectivity, stable operation, and overall good health.
  • Warning – the system requires the attention of an administrator. The system may be running low on disk space, experiencing network issues, or a system condition may require attention (such as overheating).
  • Bad – the system requires urgent action.

To view a breakdown of the System Report, select the System Report section under the Reporting menus.  Next, click the View button to view the report.

Monitoring Alert

myDW® will send email notifications for the following circumstances:

  • There has been no response from your system(s) for a specified length of time
  • Equipment has rebooted a specified number of times within a 24-hour period
  • There is an error with the HDD(s)
  • The system is unable to record
  • The system is overheating
  • There is more than a specified percentage of BAD sectors on the HDD

By default, myDW® send notifications for all of the above events. However, you may configure the notifications to adjust the frequency of these emails, as well as the specific parameters around what is reported to you.

To set the Reporting settings of myDW®:

  1. Under Reporting, select Monitoring Alert.

  1. The Monitoring Alert Settings window will display.

From this menu, you may configure the following:

    • Not responding – set a wait time to allow communication between myDW® and your registered systems.  If no response is received within the specified time window, an alert email will be sent.
    • System start – specify a limit to how many system reboots within a 24-hour period you would like to allow before myDW® sends an alert email.
  • DISK
    • HDD error – use the toggle to allow or disable alerts when there is an HDD error within the registered systems.
    • Recording disabled – use the toggle to allow or disable alerts when recording is disabled for the registered systems.
    • Overheat (VMAX Only) – set a specific number of days to where your connected VMAX® systems exceed the recommended maximum operating temperature (104°F / 40°C) before an alert is sent.
    • BAD sector (VMAX Only) – set a specific percentage for the HDD of your connected VMAX® systems to wait before sending an alert for bad sectors or corrupted blocks in the storage drive(s).
    • E-mail – by default, the email address that your myDW® account is registered will be added.  Press the orange Plus (+)  button to add additional email notification recipients.
    • Push notification – if you have the myDW® mobile application installed and registered to your phone you may toggle this notification ON or OFF, according to your preferences.
  • Set limitations for how long myDW® should wait between alerts, as well as limit the frequency of alerts per hour.
  1. Click the Save Settings button after configuring your settings to retain the changes.
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