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C-CURE 9000 (3.0) and DW Spectrum Integration Release Notes

C-CURE 9000 (3.0) and DW Spectrum Integration Release Notes (Plugin Version 2.2)


Affected Roles:  All Users

Related Digital Watchdog VMS Apps:  DW Spectrum IPVMS

Software Version:  DW Spectrum IPVMS (v5.0.0.35746), SW House C-Cure 9000 (v3.00)

Last Edit:  November 16, 2022


Feature Overview

The DW Spectrum C-CURE IM – C-CURE 9000 integration driver provides the C-CURE video client and server components, acting in a form of Windows service.  It also provides a live video streaming UI control, supporting RTSP protocol.

This solution supports DW Spectrum version:

General UI design is based on default C-CURE video integration, providing the following features:

  • DW Spectrum Video Server Editor
  • DW Spectrum Video Camera Editor
  • DW Spectrum Camera Viewer
  • DW Spectrum Camera Bookmark Action Editor
  • DW Spectrum Camera Generic Event Action Editor

**NOTE: C-CURE 9000 is a product of DW Partner, Tyco Security Products. For support or troubleshooting regarding C-CURE, please contact Tyco Security Product Support.

Contents of Installation

The installation contains the following files:

  • DWSpectrum- – Server and Client installation program for the DW Spectrum integration
  • CC9K-v3-00-DWSpectrum_IntGd-8200-1191-1058-rA0-en.pdf – C-CURE 9000 Version 3.00 DW Spectrum Integration Guide
  • CC9K-v3-00-DWSpectrum-IntRN-8200-1191-1059-rA0-en.pdf – C-Cure 9000 v3.00 Integration with DW Spectrum Integration Version 2.0 Release Notes


The C-CURE 9000 DW Spectrum Integration product requires the following software versions:

  • C-CURE 9000 v3.00
  • C-CURE 9000 DW Spectrum Integration v2.2
  • MS Framework 4.8

Qualified Operating Systems

The DW Spectrum Integration supports Windows 10/Windows 2012 R2/Windows 2016/Windows 2019. The DW Spectrum Integration does not support C-CURE MAS server installation, except SAS and Standalone server installations.


The DW Spectrum Integration product has the following limitations:

  • Supported in English only.
  • Supported on SAS/Standalone only.
  • The maximum recommended number of cameras is approximately 1000.
  • Simultaneous connection of more than 1000 users may cause performance issues in C-CURE 9000.
  • DW Spectrum camera modifications carried out throughout the portal will not be reflected in C-CURE.
  • Default connection port for C-CURE is Port 5000.


See the C-CURE 9000 (3.0) and DW Spectrum Integration Guide article to download the integration materials.


This DW Spectrum integration has the following features and enhancements:

  • C-CURE 9000 Maps Support
  • C-CURE 9000 Events Support
  • C-CURE 9000 Event Assess Configuration Support
  • Live Video Streaming
  • Playback Video Streaming
  • RTSP Protocol Support
  • PTZ Support
  • Auto Discovery and Camera Syncing with C-CURE 9000
  • DW Spectrum Custom Event Actions Triggering (Generic and Bookmarked events)
  • Video Export supporting MKV and MP4 formats
  • Secure connection option in DW configuration in C-CURE 9000
  • Option to enable/disable camera import from merged DW systems

Command List

Commands are not supported in this integration.

Event List

  • Video Camera Alarm not supported
  • Video Camera Video Loss is supported
  • Video Server Alarm (online/offline) is supported
  • DW Generic Event is supported
  • Video Server Alarm (Online/Offline) supported
  • 465
  • 17-Nov-2022