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cnVision Integration

cnVision Integration


Affected Roles:  Owner, Administrator

Related Digital Watchdog VMS Apps:  DW Spectrum

Complexity:  Medium to High

Software Version:  DW Spectrum v4.0.0.29990

Last Edit:  May 7, 2020


What is cnVision?

cnVision™ is Cambium Networks’ new line of wireless backhaul products that are purpose built wireless solutions for video surveillance and CCTV market.

Typical Uses

Some common examples of the cnVision solution’s flexibility and configuration options are ideal for wireless video-based surveillance implementations in environments such as parking lots, shopping centers, factories, farms and homes where a wired solution is not a viable option.

Hardware Overview

Hubs are aggregation points which connect to Clients over a wireless network connection. Camera feeds are given to Client hardware, which transport video streams back to the Hubs.

DW Spectrum & cnVision Integration – Solution Overview

The cnVision devices can be integrated with DW Spectrum to display device statistics and to send event and alarm messages within the VMS consoles. This feature allows users to monitor device status and performance within the DW Spectrum console, instead of having to connect to each device individually.

cnVision users can set up alarms to notify the user of key events such as when a new device is registered, removed from the system, or if it has been disconnected or rebooted.

Integration Logic

cnVision Hub/client has a daemon on the device – VMS agent. The VMS agent’s task is to communicate with DW Spectrum VMS.

Sample notification events include:

  • Client associates to Hub
  • Hub rejects Clients
  • Link up/down
  • Software update status

When such events occur, VMS agent converts the information into Web API format and sends it to DW Spectrum. As a prerequisite VMS type, address, port and credentials should be preconfigured in the cnVision hub & clients.

cnVision VMS Configuration

The VMS Type, Address, Port, Username, and Password must be configured in the cnVision software to communicate with the DW Spectrum Server.

DW Spectrum Alarm for cnVision

Key alarms are visible in the Events panel of DW Spectrum.

Adding Tiles in DW Spectrum

Generate and copy the VMS Preview Link.

Add a new Web Page to DW Spectrum.

Paste the cnVision preview link in the URL box.

Key statistics like data rates, radio IP, port speed/duplex, and uptime display in the DW Spectrum Tile.

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