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DW Spectrum - Actuate AI Integration

DW Spectrum – Actuate AI Integration


Affected Roles:  Owner Administrator

Related Digital Watchdog VMS Apps:  DW Spectrum IPVMS

Software Version:  DW Spectrum v4.0.0.29990 or later

Last Edit:  April 30, 2020


Actuate AI Threat Detection

DW Spectrum users can integrate the Actuate AI Threat Detection system with their DW Spectrum Server for added security.

Actuate is a software-only solution that uses existing security cameras and analytics for intruder detection, detecting possible weapon threats, and movement tracking.

This article will outline how to configure DW Spectrum IPVMS to work with the Actuate AI.

Supported/Affected Devices

  • DW Blackjack Server Series

Connect to Actuate

The Actuate AI Platform works by connecting to your local Digital Watchdog Server. First, work with your Actuate representative to select the method of connecting the systems – Port Forwarding or Site-to-Site VPN.

Port Forwarding

If you choose to use port forwarding, your Actuate representative will provide you with the public IP address of an Actuate Server to forward ports to, as well as a list of ports to forward (in the User Guide).  For better security, do not forward ports without a destination IP address.

**NOTE:  Port 7001 must be forwarded for DW Spectrum.

Site-to-Site VPN

For increased security, you can connect your Digital Watchdog Server to Actuate using a 256-bit encrypted site-to-site VPN.  Specific integration instructions vary depending on the network hardware your organization uses. Speak with your Actuate representative for more information.

Configuration Details

Actuate Configuration

Actuate is a plug-and-play system. Once the Actuate system can connect to your DW Spectrum Server, the Actuate team will handle all remaining configuration remotely.

Digital Watchdog Configuration

Configuring DW Spectrum for Actuate is straightforward once the Actuate system has access.

  1. Map the internal (LAN) IP address and port (7001) of the DW Spectrum Server to the public IP and port of the Actuate Server provided by your Actuate representative.
  1. Allowlist the inbound connections from the Actuate AI Server.
  1. Create a new User on the DW Spectrum Server for Actuate
    • User ID:  Actuate
    • Password:  ActuateDemo
  1. Disclose the Digital Watchdog Server’s public IP address and port to the Actuate AI.
  1. Disclose the camera names that the Actuate AI needs to run the detection configuration on.


There are two main issues encountered with the Actuate solution – getting access and ensuring that motion detection is configured correctly.

Connecting to Actuate

If the Actuate Server cannot communicate with your DW Spectrum Server, the system will not function. 

If you have lost connectivity, evaluate any network changes that occurred prior to the issue and contact your Actuate representative.

Motion Detection

Actuate only pulls images when DW Spectrum detects motion, minimizing bandwidth consumption.  If motion is not detected due to low sensitivity settings, the Actuate system may not receive the important frames needed for this feature. 

Increase the motion detection sensitivity of DW Spectrum to ensure that Actuate is able to pull the necessary frames.  Work with your Actuate representative to tune motion detection so that it works best for both DW Spectrums existing alerts, as well as for the Actuate system.

Error Logs

The error logs for the DW Spectrum Server is still located in the same location on the Server.  Error logs for the Actuate AI system are stored by Actuate and are accessible upon request through your Actuate representative.

Contacting Actuate

Email:  [email protected]

Telephone:  (847) 302-4588

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