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“Show Cameras” in the HSE search view does not bring up the stored video of event.

“Show Cameras” in the HSE search view does not bring up the stored video of the event.

Affected Roles: Administrator
Related Digital Watchdog VMS Apps: C2P
Complexity: Low

Software Version:

Firmware Version:

Created By: JK

Date Created: 01/22/2020

Symptom: When the user selects “Show Cameras” while on the search page in the DW Spectrum client nothing happens.

1) The cache in the DW Spectrum recorder delays Show Cameras from viewing of stored video for up to 2 minutes from the live event.
2) Check that you have enough WAVE camera licenses.
3) Check that the camera (virtual camera or physical camera) is not set to record on motion. In the case of the virtual camera, they should always be set to record continuously.
4) The name for the camera in question that is not being displayed when Show Cameras is selected is not spelled correctly in the C2P “Directive Table” for this device, or the user did not “Refresh Cameras” in the integration GUI after making changes to the playback camera names in WAVE.
5) Check that the DeviceID names the customer defined in the Device Event Directives table in the integration GUI for that IP Appliance match the actual DeviceID names being sent by the IP Appliance.
Example of a common error:
The user named the DeviceID Lane1 in the Directives table and the actual name sent is Lane01
This can easily be verified in 2 ways.
a) Look at the “View Log” provided in every integration GUI and compare the DeviceID being received from the IP Appliance to the DeviceID value in the GUI Device Event Directives table.
b) The second way, and the more human-readable way, is to look in the HSE search page to find the DeviceID in question and verify the spelling, etc. is the same.
6) Open up the HSE console and refresh the Search window. With the console open on the bottom of the table select an event and see what the HSE console text is telling you?

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  • 22-Jan-2020