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Using a SiteWatch detector with DW Spectrum

Using a SiteWatch detector with DW Spectrum


SiteWatch™ detectors are perfect for any installation that requires  motion detection. All detectors  are fully integrated with DW Spectrum® IPVMS. 

SiteWatch™ detectors can send Generic Event messages to DW Spectrum IPVMS via the Events  feature. These events can be used to trigger notifications in the DW Spectrum Client and Event Rules. For example when motion is detected after hours in an area protected by a SiteWatch detector you want a camera to pop up on all users with an Advanced Viewer role. 

Connect to the SiteWatch™ detectors via a web browser and navigate to the Events  tab.

Select DW Spectrum VMS in the Action Type 

Enter the Server IP and Server Port (7001 default)

Enter the User Name and Password to connect to the DW Spectrum Server

Enter a unique identifier in Source

Add additional identifying information Caption and Description (optional)

DW Spectrum

In DW Spectrum right click on the camera  in the Left Navigation tree and select Camera Rules .

On the Event Rules window, click on the Add button

Click the When dropdown menu and select Generic Event and Occurs

Enter the unique identifier you placed in Source field of the SiteWatch detector  in the Source contains field 

Select Schedule to set days and hours the event is ON or OFF. 

Click the dropdown menu and select the Action of your choice, for example Show on Alarm Layout

Select the Devices you want to appear in the layout. 

Select to User Role(s) you want have the Alarm Layout appear on.  

Click Apply and OK to save the rule definition.

Note : A unique rule will need to be created for each unique event defined in each separate SiteWatch detector.

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  • 21-Jan-2022