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PDK DW Spectrum NVR Integration Tool

NVR Integration Tool

PDK & DW Spectrum Integration Documentation

ProdataKey’s NVR Integration Tool (Network Video Recorder) works in conjunction with Digital Watchdog, a leading provider of video surveillance solutions, that brings together the best technology and features of two security application companies to provide more powerful security solutions. Digital Watchdog’s DW Spectrum is a customizable IP video management platform that works in conjunction with ProdataKey’s powerful PDK io products to provide users with the ability to create tailored networked video surveillance projects that anyone can use on any device. See how these two platforms work together to create a seamlessly integrated experience; door activity, video pop-up, bookmarking, lock/unlock/lockdown doors, and more from one synchronized platform.

Function of the Tool

The NVR Integration Tool provides the capability to create Generic Events in Digital Watchdog’s Spectrum IPVMS software DW Spectrum. Once installation is complete and an event is generated in, it will create a corresponding Generic Event in the Spectrum IPVMS software. The integration also allows for specific actions to be triggered in from the DW Spectrum interface. That is correct the integration is two way. 

Installing the Tool 

To  get the NVR Integration Tool and installation instructions  please see PDK  DW Spectrum NVR Integration Tool  -  Installing Tool. 

Relevant Events and Available Actions 

DW Spectrum's powerful Event Rules engine enables many interesting things to be done in response to access control events. Users should have a good understanding of Using Event Rules in DW Spectrum.  The two most Relevant  Events  in the events engine are Generic Event and Soft Triggers.  These events can be programmed in DW Spectrum to  trigger a number of Available Actions including Bookmarking for easy search  and  Show on Alarm Layout  to pop video up on a specific user or users desktop.  Additional functionality such as  email notification and event scheduling, so that events are only active during certain times, are also possible with Other Spectrum Settings

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