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C2P middleware integrations

C2P middleware integrations

Affected Roles: Spectrum 4.0
Related Digital Watchdog VMS Apps: DW Spectrum Desktop
Complexity: Low

Software Version: 4.0 or newer

Date Created: 10/11/2019

C2P middleware integrations


Two major areas where C2P middleware integrations “Tying Text to Video” are being used;

  1. Provide situational awareness - used in crime prevention.
  2. Provide tools for forensic investigations - search on keywords received from the IP devices during the events.

C2P’s integration framework complements video surveillance systems where text from IP devices is tied to the existing video management system.

If you step back and look and the thousands of cameras installed throughout cities, corporation campuses, schools, sports arenas, casinos –just about everywhere there are surveillance cameras capturing video but who is watching them? How accurately are they being monitored? How do you find events and the video that was taken precisely at that time? Why not let the IP device alert you when a suspicious event occurs?  Then security personnel are able to concentrate their attention on the situation at hand. This is what C2P’s integration software provides.


Suspicious Conduct - Crime Prevention- Situational Awareness- Forensic Investigations

Let’s look at the different IP device integrations where this technology is being applied and the advantage of having text tied to video:

  1. Access control monitoring -
  1. Alerting building security when a terminated employee re-enters the property.
  2. Notification Alert presented on-screen when a person of interest has been detected at your facility. The alert can be visual and audible.
  3. Be notified when a door is held open for an extended period of time or door forced open.
  4. Badge swiped and rejected – Alert security of unauthorized attempts into restricted areas.
  5. Quickly determine how many times a person has entered the building(s) outside normal operating hours or over the last week, or last few months.
  6. Door controller OFFline- alerts sent to security when the door controller is not functioning.
  7. Tailgating alert – two people entering the area with only one credential detected.
  1. Point of Salecasinos, PRC, supermarkets monitoring transaction activity time-synchronized with video at the register.
  1. Monitor sale types which are age-based sales – alcohol, tobacco.
  2. Voids – cash drawer opened?
  3. Refunds - where was the returned item placed after refund? Was there a customer present during the refund?
  4. No Sales – was the cash drawer opened?
  5. Coupon Discounts and Manual Discount overrides.
  6. Employee Discounts – was the person an employee?
  7. Low dollar amount of transactions.
  8. Safe Drop- cash is leaving the register.
  9. Integrate transaction diagnostics and reporting irregularities with your recorded video.
  1. License Plate Recognitionparking areas, corporate entrances, gated communities, hospitals, colleges. you may need more than just a JPEG of a plate number, how about recorded video of the event and the ability track the vehicle (where did it go after detection?) using your existing enterprise network. See who else is in the area, possibly another vehicle or group of people. Where was it before detection? Use your network cameras to see it approach the detection point. It’s right in front of you at your fingertips - your VMS client.
  1. Unregistered vehicle approaching gate – used for corporate and college campus vehicle monitoring.
  2. Vehicle of interest – restraining order alert used at  gated community and schools
  3. Gate control – unattended gate used in combination with Wiegand controller interface.
  4. Amber Alert – sent to C2P by LPR system or entered manually
  5. Stolen vehicle – BOLO alert sent to C2P by LPR system or entered manually by end used into Rule Definition table.
  6. Quickly determine how many times a vehicle has entered the property over the last week, or last few months.
  7. Once LPR was detected, follow a vehicle using cameras within your VMS enterprise network. 
  8. Once detected, determine what other vehicles are traveling in the same group and time frame.
  9. Car counting used to determine vehicles entering and exiting parking areas. Application to see if marketing advertisements had a direct impact on attendance; ie casinos, retail sales, concerts, entertainment?
  1. Facial RecognitionBanking, Hospitals, bus and train platforms, shopping malls looking for a known person of interest in a crowd.
  1. Notification Alert to security when a person of interest has been detected entering your facility.
  2. Areas of application: shopping malls, train and bus stations, airports, schools, banks.
  3. Once detected, follow a person using other FR outfitted cameras within your VMS enterprise network. 
  4. Gate control – unattended gate used in combination with C2P’s Wiegand controller interface. Two and three-factor authentication (vehicle, face, and badge) controlling entrances.
  5. Used in association with facial recognition for two-factor authentication – can be used for maritime port entry security, improve processing time for trucking and transportation depots.
  6. Monitor a restricted area entry by allowing access to persons enrolled as an employee or enrolled as a customer in the facial enrollment gallery while alerting the security of unknown persons entering the area. As an example, the application can be used in banking for access to safe deposit boxes or restricted areas in corporations where visitors are not allowed.
  1. Banking
  1. ATM transactions –monitoring activity of ATM cards reported stolen.
  2. ATM - associate the person using the card with the actual banking transaction.
  3. Teller Workstation monitoring – a visual record of person making transaction.
  4. Alerts for teller when accounts are on hold.
  5. Alerts for large dollar amount transactions.
  6. Quickly retrieve customer transactions with its associated video.
  7. Alert when the card is swiped and no transaction made – suspicious activity alert.
  1. Asset Tracking -RFID tagged items, shipping & Receiving package, prisons systems guard alerts
  1. RFID Man -Down alert – monitor personnel operating in hazardous environments such as prison systems. Main focus is the safety of personnel.
  2. Barcode readers integrated with video surveillance used for:
    1. Identifying personnel in Shipping and receiving at the time of shipment
    2. On-screen alert and audible notification when receiving pre-determined contaminated food for restaurants and supermarkets.
    3. Immediate visual and audible notification of receipt of critical parts for assembly line production.
  3. RFID tagged high-value asset tracking. As an example:  Computers, hospital supplies and test equipment.
  1. Weigh Scale integrations - retail sales & POS & LPR video, truck and train depot scales, safety checks on high ways- (weight, vehicle, and driver).
  1. Truck weight and scale data integrated with video surveillance system. Applications are waste transfer stations for tracking domestic and hazardous waste handling
  2. Rail car weight and visual identification of the container.
  3. Retail scale data integrated with video surveillance of area and scale operator.

General reasons WHY C2P

            Key points for a script/outline include:

Always include in your discussion and answer to questions “why this is important to the customer”. People remember that answer much better than some half-baked geek answer.

Users have already bought into the need for security if they are looking at integrating devices (like POS and LPR) into their DWS system. Help them build on that by explaining why not leverage your existing security investment by including other IP devices besides cameras to be monitored.

  1. Before they ask “why do we need the C2P search engine if the LPR system already captures plates and is searchable” you need to preemptively explain why in detail. For LPR, C2P ties TEXT to VIDEO. Not just a JPEG image to an alert but recorded video from any camera within your enterprise, all time-synchronized to the event. Many cities have 2 or more LPR systems in play at the same time. With the C2P common database infrastructure, we can track a vehicle of interest regardless of the LPR system being used. The vehicle may be picked up using PlateSmart, then drive into an area monitored by Neural Labs and leave the city in an area monitored by Vigilant Solutions. All three LPR systems are different but the C2P interface normalizes the data and places it in a common database for easy access in retrieving the events which will be time synchronized to the DWS recorded video.  
  2. Tracker - events with maps;  (LPR, Facial, Halo, Gunshot)
  1. Pushing a building map, Overview Camera and event description to a DWS Client view (this uses our Rules engine in the proxy to track).
  2. Live Event Tracker using Google Maps.
  3. When detecting a vehicle of interest have 3 cameras in the area automatically added to your search table based on the GPS coordinates of the cameras relative to the LPR detector.
  1. Multi-factor authentication. Currently working with the US DOD on a 3 factor Authentication system for gate entrance access.  Can very easily add a 4th factor if needed.
  2. Report Manager key feature
  1. Provides the ability to search across multiple integrations (example search a plate across all LPR integrations) (Alert Manager Audit table).
  2. Allows users to combine multiple factors in a search. (example Facial identification AND License plate detected within 3 minutes of each other).
  1. Text popups – tying events to JPEG pop-ups on screen with audible tones to discern different criticality of events. Example UPS delivery (doorbell sound) vs door pushed open (siren alert).
  2. Data analytics – (Example provide a count of how many vehicles are in a parking garage based on multiple ingress and egress points.)
  3. PLC and Wonderware integration application and capabilities – push video to predefined clients based on Rule Definitions being met via metadata from IP Device. This has been done with other VMS system but has not been done for the Nx architecture.
  4. Sightlogix – Perimeter Intrusion Detection is a unique capability provided by Sightlogix people/object detection system. Integrated into DWS with C2P’s unique capability to display on Google maps events detected by Sightlogix cameras along with the closest DWS attached cameras to the Sightlogix Event using the GPS coordinates of the Sightlogix device and the DWS connected cameras (and some math).

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